It is necessary to report it to your branch executive or maintenance coordinator for immediate fine payment and to avoid any subsequent surcharges.
Tires will be replaced when they have a tread depth of 5MM.
No, all transfers are quoted separately from the rental rate.
It is necessary to report it to your branch executive or maintenance coordinator so that a service center and appointment can be assigned for the vehicle to be repaired.
It depends on each contract. Replacement can be immediate or after a certain amount of time as contractually agreed upon.
Yes, it is the customer’s obligation to perform a daily check of tire pressure and levels of: oil, power steering fluid, transmission oil, coolant, and air filter cleaning if driving conditions require it.
This operating model has multiple advantages, which can be better appreciated in our “Value Offering” section.
Yes, developing the optimal vehicle for each operation is part of our value offering. We have agreements with multiple brands, so we can ensure that we can supply any type of vehicle.


Yes, provided they meet the rental requirements.
The requirements are provided by the sales executives and are established based on the profile of each customer, fleet size, and requested rental term.
Drivers of the units must have a driver’s license in accordance with the use, and in compliance with the regulations and laws established in the states where the units are operated.


No, all transfers are quoted separately from the rental rate.
The established rate covers the costs associated with maintaining the vehicles in optimal condition, insurance, as well as fleet management tools and GPS tracking.
At HIT, we create custom solutions, so for long-term projects, we analyze each case, and based on the needs and requirements of each customer and the specific operations of each industry, we determine a rate efficiently.
The costs associated with fleet maintenance are included in the rental rate, as well as coordination and related services such as inspections and permits established by the customers. HIT has a national network of specialized workshops that allow us to provide prompt and timely service to our vehicles.
Each quotation breaks down the cost without VAT and the value that will be added as VAT at the end of the invoice.
No, all payments must be made in Mexican pesos deposited in bank accounts or through credit card.
No, we do not accept cash for rental payments at any of our branches.


All units have comprehensive coverage insurance, and the deductibles to be paid in the event of a claim are specified in each contract.
No, our van’s insurance does not cover the transported cargo.
No, even with a 0% deductible, the insurance does not cover: towing, impound fees, fines, release expenses, towing not covered by insurance, partial thefts, minor damages below deductibles, and damages due to negligence such as burned seats, missing controls, broken levers, lack of spare tire, damages due to reckless or careless driving, and accessories installed such as roll bars, reverse cameras, bodies, and thermos.
The rental continues to be charged until the vehicle is returned to HIT by the customer, or the insurance settles the loss of the vehicle.

Rental periods

The contract duration ranges from 1 day to 36 months.
It is possible, but there are penalties associated with the early cancellation of the fleet, which vary as specified in each rental contract.


We have our own vehicle fleet management platform to enhance the daily management of rental administrators and drivers.
You can control it through our GPS monitoring system tools and the support of a team of fleet management experts who provide advice for any operational questions.
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Tipo de vehículo
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